About Me

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                    Hey Guys! 

Its Alexandra from Flora & Fauna ,

It means the world to me that you're taking the time to get to know a little about who I am. This little flower child business began in 2014 and has grown little by little over the last several years. As it grows, so do I and my understanding of patience and love and I am absolutely thrilled to see what it eventually unfolds into. I decided to start working with flowers because, well, its in my blood! My mother was a florist most of my life and I decided to give it a try. I got my first retail flower shop job when I was 18 and I haven't been able to stay away. 9 years later here I am, still working with flowers but now I am working with amazing people who I get to share their most important day with.

My favorite part about being a wedding florist is curating  a bouquet to represent the beauty and authenticity of the bride. I also love building huge out of this wold floral displays that challenge me and allow me to play with power tools from time to time! 

When I'm not flowering you'll find me in the garden, with my chickens, or on my yoga mat. I am a pit bull advocate, kitty mama and  lover of all things Flora & Fauna. 

             Special Shout out

I am currently a student of horticulture and I would like  to thank organizations such as  Shinodah Design Center and the San Diego Floral Association for helping me along the way. Your support has helped motivate  me and other students to realize and actualize their dreams. Thank you for everything you guys do to support education in the floral industry.